A BIG thank you from Practice Labs!

To celebrate #LoveOurColleges week we wanted to acknowledge the tireless work colleges do for their students and their communities by reopening our own COVID-19 support response.

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As well as playing their part in supporting communities and health workers with a whole range of local COVID-19 responses, colleges have also been working hard to deliver blended learning and work experience opportunities to their students – often with no additional funding or support.

When we initially opened up free access for college students at the beginning of lockdown - running from March to the end of July - we were inundated with requests from colleges wanting to provide their IT students and apprentices with hands-on practice on live virtual machines to reinforce their coursework.

So we thought the best way to celebrate #CollegesWeek would be to reopen that offer right through to the end of 2020.

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Yes please - I'd like to claim a free COVID-19 support package for my IT students and apprentices.



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There are no contracts or payments involved, and no obligation on your part. Our aim is simply to help your IT students and apprentices embed their digital knowledge with hands-on experiential learning - regardless of whether they are studying on or off campus. Access to our virtual machines and live-lab content is via web browser or through integration with your college's learning management system (LMS). 

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