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CompTIA Security+

Learning tool
Cyber Security
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Skill level
Learning time
33 hours

The CompTIA Security+ 601 Practice Lab is available now for students and individuals to practice their security skills using real, up-to-date hardware and software.

The Security+ certification is a core qualification aimed at IT professionals seeking entry into the cyber security profession.

The Security+ lab’s main focus is on the practical application of the CompTIA certification exam outcomes, and where required, some objectives are covered in theory. After completing this title, users will have gained hands-on experience in penetration testing and implementing preventative measures to secure a corporate network against possible cyber security attacks. In addition, further knowledge will be gained on how to handle a cyber security incident.

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Give your cohort access to the SY0-601 Practice lab so they can:

  • Focus purely on the practical aspects of the CompTIA Security+ 601 exam objectives.
  • Simulate real-world workplace scenarios.
  • Develop their lateral thinking and problem-solving skills.  
  • Learn from their mistakes within a risk-free environment . 
  • Build their confidence.  
  • Develop the practical skills employers are looking for.  
  • Identify which area in security is right for them (will they prefer to attack or defend?) .
  • Decide if a career in IT security is right for them.

We want nothing more than for you to help your students pass their certification with flying colours. Give them the real-life work experience they need without them stepping foot into an office. The comprehensive lab guides are there to help walk them through if they’re learning remotely.

Lab guides

  • Identifying different cyber attacks.
  • Social engineering techniques and exploits. 
  • Identifying indicators of a network attack. 
  • Network security assessment tools. 
  • Implementing secure network solutions. 
  • Enterprise network security configuration concepts. 
  • Physical security control mechanisms. 
  • Gathering intelligence on threat actors and vectors. 
  • Determining security vulnerabilities.  
  • Security assessment techniques. 
  • Penetration testing techniques. 
  • Authentication and authorization implementation techniques. 
  • Authentication and authorization solutions. 
  • Implementing a public key infrastructure. 
  • Implementation of secure protocols. 
  • Securing an environment using mitigating techniques.
  • Cybersecurity backup and restore strategies. 
  • Identity and account management mechanisms.
  • Identifying different application exploits. 
  • Application hardening deployment techniques. 
  • Application and host hardening techniques. 
  • Cyber security vulnerabilities of embedded systems. 
  • Cloud and virtualization concepts. 
  • Securing a cloud infrastructure. 
  • Incident response policies and procedures. 
  • Incident response tools. 
  • Implementing wireless security configurations. 
  • Mobile security solutions. 
  • Cryptographic basic concepts. 
  • Digital data forensic techniques. 
  • Control mechanisms, standards and frameworks. 
  • Organizational risk management and policies. 
  • Data protection implementation. 

Learning pathway

The Practice Labs SY0-601 lab is recommended for intermediate level students or those who may have completed the CompTIA A+ and CompTIA Network+ certifications.


Relevant roles: Cybersecurity administrator, cloud security administrator, cybersecurity analyst or network security consultant

Aligned to the certification, this live lab covers five core areas for students to exploit:
Threats, attacks, and vulnerabilities  |  Technologies and tools   |   Architecture and design
Identity and access management    |  Risk management 

Lab Topology

PLABDC01 Windows Server 2019 (Domain Controller)
PLABDM01 Windows Server 2019 (Domain Member Server)
PLABWIN10 Windows 10 (Domain Member Workstation)
PLABKALI Kali 2019.4 (Stand-alone device)

SY0-601 Lab Topology

What’s included

  • 12 months’ access to CompTIA Security+ SY0-601. 
  • Access to 4 devices. 
  • 33 bite-sized lab guides (topics) to work through. 
  • Practical exercises with step-by-step instructions to complete.  
  • A split screen platform where students can read the instructions set and perform the tasks at the same time. 
  • Multiple choice questions throughout to assess what they have learnt.  
  • Screenshot assessment tool. 
  • Approximately 33 hours’ practical learning time. 

Quick facts

Practice Lab ID number SY0-601
Skill level Intermediate
System requirements PC/Laptop and internet connection. View detailed requirements via the link below:
Outcomes The practical experience required to become certified in CompTIA Security+ SY0-601
Study mode Live, hands-on Practice Lab
Assessment mode Multiple choice questions and screenshot assessment tool
Fulfilment types LMS, student vouchers and direct purchase
Cost  MSRP $129.00. Speak to a member of our team for multi-user pricing